"The Step By Step Spray Tan Tanning Training Manual"
Everything You Need To Know About Airbrush Spray On Tan Tanning For High Volume Low Pressure Machines
Learn How To Spray Tan Just Like The Professionals!

Introduction 9
Part 1: The HVLP spray Tan Tanning System 10
The Spray Tan Tanning Equipment 10
What Is A HVLP Machine 11
Section 1: Basic Equipment Occupation Health And Safety 12
General Safety Instructions 12
Work Safety Instructions 12
Electricity Safety 12
Safety Of Persons 13
Careful Handling And Use Of The Spray Tan Tanning Unit 13
Equipment Services 14
Extra Safety Instructions 14
Grounding Instructions 15
Section 2: The HVLP Individual Equipment Machines And Components 16
The Different HVLP Machines 16
Wagner W550 16
Wagner W650 16
Wagner W640 17
Wagner W850E 17
The Technical Data For The Wagner Machines 18
Cyclone Turbine W600 Spray Gun 18
The Individual Components 19
The Airflow Compressor Unit 19
The Spray Gun Assembly 19
The Base Cup 20
The Spray Gun Holder 20
The Trigger Guard And Solution Volume Adjustor For The W550, W850E And W600 Spray Gun Units 21
The Trigger Guard And Solution Volume Adjustor For The W640 And W650 Spray Gun Units 22
The Solution Flow Cap And The Pattern Nozzle Selector 23
The Solution Flow Cap Sealer 24
The Solution Flow Tube 24
The Air Hose For The W640, W650, W850E And Cyclone Turbine Systems 25
The Cyclone Turbine Control Panel 26
The Cyclone Turbine Remote Control Unit 27
Points To Remember 27
Section 3: Cleaning And Equipment Maintenance 28
Cleaning Intructions For The HVLP Systems 29
Air Filter Maintenance 31
Part 2: All About Spray Tan Tanning 32
The history Of Tanning 32
Section 4: Spray Tanning Basics 33
Why Have A Tan 33
What Is Fake Tan 34
Section 5: Understanding The Skin 35
The Skin's Anatomy And Physiology 35
The Epidermis 36
The Colour Of The Skin 38
The Skin's Absorption 39
Care Of The Skin 40
Section 6: Spray Tan Tanning Contra-Indications 41
Possible Contra-Indications For Spray Tanning 41
Section 7: Consulting With Your Client 45
Client Consultation 45
Anaysis Of The Skin 46
Examples Of Client Record Cards And Consent Forms 47
Section 8: The Solution, Materials And Equipment Needed 51
Your Chosen Spray Tan Tanning Solution 51
Solution Material Safety Data 52
Care Of Your Sunless Tanning Solution 52
Extra Spray Tan Tanning Solution Points To Remember 53
Your Equipment And Materials Needed 55
Section 9: Spray Tan Tanning Preparation 57
Prepare For Service 57
Preparing The Service Area 57
Preparing Yourself For Giving Service 57
Preparing Your Client For Receiving Service 58
Client Pre Spray Tan Tanning Procedure 59
Section 10: Step By Step Spray Tan Tanning 60
Spray Tanning Solution Adn Spray Tan Gun Set Up 60
Initial Preparation 61
Spray Tan Tanning Treatment Procedure 62
The Step By Step Process 62
Basic Spray Tanning Points To Remember 72
Spray Tan Tanning Directions 74
Spray Tan Tanning Applications 83
Section 11: The after Care Advice For Spray Tan Tanning 84
After Spray Tan Tanning Care 84
Spray Tan Tanning Points To Remember 87
Section 12: Spray Tan Tanning Trouble Shooting 88
Trouble Shooting 88
Spray Tan Machine Trouble Shooting 88
Basic Spray Tan Tanning Trouble Shooting 89
Solution Overspray and Runs 89
Imperfections And Marks 90
Covering Dark Freckles, Large Moles And Birth Marks 90
Spraying Over Body Hair 91
Spraying A Man 91
Spraying The Armpits With Sweat Or Deodorant Line 91
Spraying Over Skin That Is Really Oily 92
Spraying Very Dry Exfoliating Skin 92
Spraying Mature Skin 92
Spraying A Larger Person 93
Section 13: Spray Tan Extra's 94
Extra Spray Tan Hints To Remember 94
Section 14: Frequently Asked Questions 96
Your Basic Spray Tan Tanning Questions 96
1. I have sensitive skin, can I be spray tanned? 96
2. I have very dry elbows, kneecaps and ankles, can I be spray these areas? 96
3. Is the spray tan colour instant? 96
4. How long does it take to be spray tanned? 97
5. Will being spray tanned feel sticky? 97
6. Will the spray tan take a long time to dry? 97
67. How long after being spray tanned can I exercise? 97
8. How long after being spray tanned can I have a shower? 98
9. During my shower I noticed some colour washing away? 98
10. How often should I moisturize? 99
11. Do I need to apply sun protection after being spray tanned? 99
12. Can I get my legs waxed before or after the tan application? 99
13. Can I shave my legs/body parts before or after the tan application? 100
14. Can I use a hair removal cream after beign spray tanned? 100
15. What do I need to wear during and after a spray tan service? 100
16. Can I apply make-up straight after being spray tanned? 101
17. How long does the spray tan last? 101
18. Can I be spray tanned twice in the same day? 101
19. If I have a dark spray tan, will it last longer? 102
20. does being spray tanned cause the skin to go orange? 102
21. Can I have a solarium after being spray tanned? 103
22. Do people with body hair develop an uneven tan where the hair is present? 103
23. Will the spray tan dry out my skin? 103
24. I have excessive dry exfoliating skin, is it advisable to be spray tanned? 104
25. When is the best time to get a spray tan applied? 104
26. I have tan/bather lines, can I remove these? 104
27. I have marked my body causing scratch marks to the tan, can this be fixed? 105
28. I've got spray tan tanning solution on my clothes, can it be washed out? 105
29. I've got spray tan solution on my palms, how do I remove it? 105
30. I have a sweat problem, how do I avoid uneven sweat lines? 106
31. I am pregnant, can I be spray tanned? 106
32. I am breast feeding, can I be spray tanned? 106
33. My gun is leaking, what is happening? 107
34. The solution is running down the body, what do I do? 107
35. The solution looks splothchy, what is wrong? 107
36. Does the solution smell? 107
Section 15: The Spray Tan Tanning Business Basics 108
Business Legalities 108
Business Operating Requirements 109
Customer Service 110
Marketing And Promoting Your Business Basics 110
Extra Training And Resources 111
Conclusion 115
     As you can see from the above contents page details everything is covered in this training manual to teach you how to spray tan from start to finish as well as setting up a spray tan tanning business.
Imagine being able to spray tan your friends and family just like the professionals.

Imagine having your own part time business that you can operate when you want to and how you want to.

Iamgine being able to have that gorgeous summer time glow all year round.
Well you can if you buy "The Step By Step Spray Tan Tanning Training Manual" today!

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